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Welcome to our Archive Video area. These videos are available to help with certain mechanical procedures that may save time and effort during the installation of the selected Reprogramming Kit™.

PLEASE NOTICE: follow the written instructions included with the kit for installation.
EXAMPLE: Spring colors may have changed or certain procedures may have been added or omitted.

TransGo does not support computer issues with playback of this video. The online video below is a streaming video in Adobe Flash format, if you do not have Adobe Flash or Shockwave Player enabled in your browser it will not play. If you prefer to download a High Resolution common MP4 video that will play in most devices and applications select video below to download in a Zip file format. After download and before usage Zip files have to extracted.

To Download a High Resolution Dodge/Chrysler TFOD-HD2 Video in a ZIP file to your PC Click Here        Size = 144 Mbs
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