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TransGo Event schedules
Below is a listing of events we will attend or be represented at. To register for seminar and show events please go to the industry presenters websites either ATRA, ATSG or SAP.

Date City State Industry Presenter TransGo Representative
02/02/2019 Orlando Florida ATRA John Landry
02/09/2019 Houston Texas ATRA Johnny Aceves
02/09/2019 San Francisco California ATSG Mark Puccinelli
02/16/2019 Phoenix Arizona ATRA John Landry
02/23/2019 Colombus Ohio ATRA TBA
02/23/2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania ATSG Mark Puccinelli
03/02/2019 Boston Massachuesetts ATRA Mark Puccinelli
03/02/2019 Louisville Kentucky ATSG John Landry
03/09/2019 Chicago Illinois ATSG John Landry
03/09/2019 Charlotte North Carolina ATRA Johnny Aceves
03/09/2019 Atlanta Georgia SAP Mark Puccinelli
03/16/2019 Long Island New York ATSG Mark Puccinelli
03/16/2019 Biloxi Mississippi ATRA Jim Mobley
03/16/2019 Salt Lake City Utah ATRA John Landry
03/23/2019 Shreveport Louisiana ATSG Jim Mobley
03/23/2019 Coeur D'Alene Idaho ATRA TBA
03/30/2019 Toronto Canada ATRA Jim Mobley
03/30/2019 Chicago Illinois SAP TBA
03/30/2019 Los Angeles California ATSG John Landry
04/06/2019 Greenville South Carolina ATSG Glenn Amos
04/06/2019 Denver Colorado ATRA John Landry
04/13/2019 Boston Massachuesetts SAP Mark Puccinelli
04/13/2019 Minneapolis Minnesota ATRA John Landry
04/13/2019 Omaha Nebraska ATSG TBA
04/27/2019 Louisville Kentucky TCRA TBA
04/27/2019 Concord California ATRA John Landry
04/27/2019 Oklahoma City Oklahoma ATSG TBA
04/00/2019 Alburerque New Mexico ATRA TBA
05/04/2019 Dallas Texas ATRA Johnny Aceves
05/04/2019 Portland Oregon ATSG Mark Puccinelli
05/11/2019 Minneapolis Minnesota SAP Mark Puccinelli
05/18/2019 St. Louis Missouri ATRA Jim Mobley
05/25/2019 Vancouver Britsh Columbia ATRA Mark Puccinelli
06/01/2019 Council Bluffs Iowa ATRA TBA
08/03/2019 San Antonio Texas ATRA TBA
08/24/2019 Phoenix Arizona ATSG TBA
08/24/2019 Portland Oregon ATRA TBA
08/00/2019 Atlanta Georgia ATRA TBA
08/00/2019 Oklahoma City Oklahoma ATRA TBA
09/07/2019 Billings Montana ATRA TBA
09/14/2019 Anaheim California ATRA TBA
09/15/2019 Chihuahua Mexico SAP TBA
09/21/2019 Chicago Illinois ATRA TBA
09/28/2019 Detroit Michigan ATSG TBA
10/19/2019 Cleveland Ohio ATSG TBA
10/26/2019 Bothel Washington ATSG TBA
10/30/2019 Las Vegas Nevada ATRA Powertrain Expo John Landry, Jim Mobley and Mark Puccinelli
11/00/2019 Baltimore Maryland ATRA TBA
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