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SK 4T65E
SK 4T65E  

FITS:  4T65E 97-08  "Including Volvo 4T65E"  
NOTE: TipTronic units SK 4T65E Kit will work except for Boost Valve assembly
More Info Call Us 626-443-7451
FEATURES:  Prevents long shifts and hard shifts,
chatter on acceleration, no 4th, or lock-up.  Addresses Codes P1811 & P0741.
For electronic pressure controlled transmission, Rebuild Tips and data included.
New 3rd clutch seal is self expanding for a more durable seal.
Special Instructions: "Most models", Does not  Require transmission removal for proper installation.
Call for model info 626-443-7451.
Common Part Numbers:
WIT Whatever it TakesT84165G
OTS Oklahoma Transmission SupplyK84908M
A & Red'sK66908D
Dacco, MST, D&E, and Dean K84908M
PTW Portland Transmission WarehouseSK 4T65E
Summit Racing/Atech MotorsportsN/A