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Fits 1999-2018 3.7L - 4.7L - 5.7L . 45RFE, 545RFE and 68RFE

Addresses 2-3 Neutral, Drainback, Limp mode, Torque Converter Clutch slide bang and TCC slip codes.

Includes: Heavy Duty accumulator plate/cover and special accumulator seals. Has tough snap ring for input drum. Includes new Torque converter limit valve system for pump, saving cost of new pump.

NOTICE: This kit contains an electrical part "Resistor" which is not compatible with aftermarket engine programmers that modify the transmission hydraulic pressure. This Resistor cannot be utilized in 2005 and up vehicles either.

NOTE: SK 45RFE and 45RFE-HD2 do not make firm or performance type shifts. Both kits produce a "quicker shift"  which is the transition time from the release and or apply of the present gear to the next gear.

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician
Transmission removal necessary: No

Common Distributor Part Numbers:
WIT Whatever it TakesT72169A
NatproTCO 45RFE-HD2A
PTW Portland Transmission Warehouse45RFE-HD2-A
Dacco, MST, D&E, and Dean 45RFE-HD2-A
OTS Oklahoma Transmission Supply45RFE-HD2
A & Red's45RFE-HD2
Summit Racing/Atech MotorsportsTRG-45RFE-HD2-A
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