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Fits General Motors 4L80E and 4L85E 1991-2009

Includes Modulator Canister, "Modulator bushing and valve", Modulator pin, Resistor, Pressure Regulator spring and items necessary to utilize vacuum for pressure rise.

Replaces PCS/EPC (Pressure Control Solenoid) for Heavy Duty, High Performance and No Computer, Great for transplants. Kit allows for control of Pressure Rise with vacuum instead of vehicle PCM controlling PCS/EPC Solenoid. This kit is included with the 4L80E-3 Stick Shift Kit.

Notice: 48-MOD kit does not shift the transmission through its gear ranges, it utilizes the manifold vacuum signal from the engine to raise and lower transmission pressure as needed for proper clutch and band holding capacity during up shifts and downshifts.

NOTE: Does Not fit Diesel

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician
Transmission removal necessary: No

Common Distributor Part Numbers:
WIT Whatever it TakesA34431E
PTW Portland Transmission Warehouse48-MOD
Dacco, MST, D&E, and Dean 48-MOD
OTS Oklahoma Transmission Supply48-MOD
A & Red'sK34908M
Summit Racing/Atech Motorsports
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