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FITS:   4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E and 4L75E 1993-2011 Except Hybrid units.
FEATURES:  Stick Shift; Full Manual Control; Converts back to automatic if using factory or aftermarket controller. For transplant or use with no electrical.
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46-MOD (Vacuum controlled line pressure kit )
7-CS (High RPM Clutch Spring Kit)
4L60E-BOOST (.500 Boost Valve)
Special Instructions: Does not require transmission removal for installation.
"7-CS" (
Clutch Spring Kit) requires transmission removal for Installation if revving over 5500 RPM

(.500 Boost Valve) In March 2005 an Input Speed Sensor was added which requires transmission removal for installation.
Common Part Numbers:
WIT Whatever it TakesT74173E
OTS Oklahoma Transmission Supply4L60E-3
A & Red's4L60E-3
Dacco, MST, D&E, and Dean 4L60E-3
PTW Portland Transmission Warehouse4L60E-3
Summit Racing/Atech MotorsportsTRG-4L60E-3
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