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Reverse abuse bore (divider) plugs Fits all 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L75E 1993-on

Repeated 3-4 clutch failure? Flair 2-3 hot? Check the reverse abuse bore plug.

Don’t blame the input shaft!
There are many causes for a 3-4 clutch burn-up besides a loose input shaft—here’s a sneaky one: A loose bore plug between the reverse abuse valve spring and the 3-2 downshift valve can leak enough 3rd oil pressure to cause the 3-4 clutch to slip. It can also show up as a flair on the 2-3 shift hot. This divider plug leak is downstream from the 3rd feed orifice that feeds the 3-4 clutch. A combination of small leaks from the pump, drum, rings, etc., all add up to a significant drop in pressure, because they are all AFTER the 3rd feed orifice. This type of leak worsens as the fluid becomes hotter. Easy Fix! Swap out the old divider plug and use the included threaded bolt for installation. Simply thread onto the divider plug, then wiggle and jiggle to install deep and straight enough into the bore for the original roll pin to insert though the plug hole.

Comes with enough plugs to do 5 units


Common Distributor Part Numbers:
WIT Whatever it TakesA74741H-6
PTW Portland Transmission Warehouse
Dacco, MST, D&E, and Dean
OTS Oklahoma Transmission Supply
A & Red's
Summit Racing/Atech Motorsports

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