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Actuator Feed Limit Valve Repair Fits all 4T65E 1997-on

4T65 Actuator feed limit repair kit is an easy, drop-in fix for worn actuator feed limit bores. NO REAMING. NO SPECIAL TOOLING.  4T65 Actuator feed limit works best when used with SK 4T65E.

Note: During installation of the new bushing, it might be tight due to the wear ridge. If necessary, use either end of the old valve to push the new bushing into place. Once installed, the bushing never moves in the bore, so it’s alright if it’s tight.


  • A cost effective drop-in fix that installs in minutes


    • Wear in the AFL bore addresses code PO1811 – maximum adapt
    • Wrong gear starts
    • Ratio codes HOT
    • TCC slip


    • Drop-in AFL sleeve, valve and spring

      Transmission removal is required


Common Distributor Part Numbers:
WIT Whatever it Takes
PTW Portland Transmission Warehouse
Dacco, MST, D&E, and Dean
OTS Oklahoma Transmission SupplyTGO4T65-AFL
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