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"2015 The GOAL
has not changed since 1974 Chicago"

The Automotive Aftermarket

"The only goal in the automotive aftermarket is: REPAIRING THE AUTOMOBILE CORRECTLY, THE FIRST TIME.

The frequency of accomplishing this goal directly determines the success of each individual repairman and service outlet. It is the success of each, as individuals, multiplied, that creates success for the industry as a whole.

The expansion and success of distributors and manufacturers of parts does not depend, as many would think, upon their interaction at trade shows and conventions. Somewhere, some one individual must repair a motor car.

By many, the repairman is looked upon as the lowest of the low. Insignificant. Only to be tolerated. A necessary evil. Such thinking is supreme ignorance.

He is, in fact, the creator of the aftermarket. He didn't sprout from manufacturers and distributors. They sprouted from him. Lake Michigan, using its fullest effort, cannot create one single drop of water.

It is obvious that success at all levels of the aftermarket fraternity is dependent upon the success of its smallest but most numerous component, the repairman. His success brings success at all other levels. As manufacturers, distributors, and trade associations we must know that the repairman is not just the focal point of our thoughts and energies. He is, also, the cause of them.

Sound simple, easy? It is simple and easy. Further, it's fun. It's simple because the goal is fully understood. It's easy because an understanding of the goal generates a natural desire to accomplish it. The only resistance is from those who do not understand the goal.
Those that do not understand the goal, see only the aspect of what is in it for them. It is the narrowness of this view that limits the scope of their success, both humanistically and monetarily.

With the goal thoroughly understood, all personal and company functions spontaneously work in the same direction. A company philosophy develops. Individual personal goals can then be appreciated and realized as the whole goal.  Espirit de corps develop
                      Action becomes fun; achieving and fulfilling.

IN SUMMARY: The goal is never changing.
The motorist is the object and subject of our veneration.
He signs our paychecks.
Our success (and the size of our paychecks) depends directly upon how useful we are to him.
Everything we do must be for his benefit.
We avoid anything that could damage him.
We fulfill his needs, NUMBER 1.
We fulfill his desires, NUMBER 2.
NOW, because the FUTURE is NOW."


Gil Younger, known as "Mr Shift" and "Mr. Transmission"
throughout the transmission rebuilding industry, is Founder/Engineer/President of TransGo the manufacturer of Automatic Transmission Shift Kit's® in El Monte, CA.

Reprinted from:
Automotive Rebuilder, February 1975 © TransGo/RESEARCH 1988
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